Monday, August 10, 2009

Time apart = bonding with the boys and sassy time with senoritas

Well, we did it! Russ and I managed to spend 11 days apart and most of those were without talking (he didn't have cell phone coverage). The old adage is true, absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. We missed each other like crazy but both of us agree that the time apart was good for our souls and our friendships.
For 11 days, Russ biked through the Canadian Rockies with 8 other guys to celebrate his mentor and good friend, Larry's, 50th birthday. I'll let him write about this - - if he ever gets around to it (he's bogged down with rock post-vacation)

While he was gone though, I decided to do some girl bonding of my own. Over the first weekend, my sister, Tricia, invited me to see Guys and Dolls with her at the Hollywood Bowl. Jessica Biel was fantastic and she is an excellent singer - -I was blown away by her talent! It was a fun night and Tricia's first (and last) time on the subway. We had some good bonding time - - aided by a couple bottles of savignon blanc :)

Guys and Dolls with Tricia (taken with crappy camera phone but whateves)

For the next weekend, I invited some ladies over for some Senoritas and Margaritas by the pool and we ended up on the rooftop deck (which, Russ and I totally under-utilize). It was a good time and I feel really blessed to have adopted Tricia's friends as my own and for friends that I meet through our church.

Meg's and I post- a long day by the pool. Yes, that is Franzia box wine in our glasses - - classic yet delicious. xo