Monday, July 27, 2009

Anniversary Weekend - Belated

Our anniversary was technically the 19th of July and while we were in Oregon, on the very same bluff overlooking the Umpqua Valley, where we partied the night away 6 years ago....we were busy building a tree house and hanging out with family in a different celebratory way. Fun, but not necessarily an "anniversary" weekend :)

Instead, we celebrated one week late and it was superb! We went to dinner at La Poubelle, had drinks with Grant and Ryan, rode bikes along the beach and enjoyed some delicious margaritas (Russ' favorite). A great way to celebrate 6 years as husband and wife (11 years total...yikes!)

Kangaroo Paws are some of my favorite little flowers...not your typical "flowers" but pretty

Although we decided not to do gifts, Russ bought me some flowers and a desk a few weeks ago, which has been a lifesaver - - I LOVE it! I gave Rusty a big ol' kiss and a couple cards over the course of the week.

Enjoying a drink at Grant's

The theme of our wedding so very long ago was "Opposites Attract" and this is still true but, as my in-laws card that they mailed us said, "some things were just meant to be together" with a picture of salt and pepper on the front...I think we are very opposite in many ways but that's what makes life so interesting!

My beautiful little desk...yeah!

Taking a break to enjoy the sunset at Venice beach. Who knows what the next year(s) will bring but we feel very blessed to have each other.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Brink Family Weekend in the Burg - Baby Talia

We just returned from Roseburg where we had a fun-filled weekend of friends, family and food! Russ and I met our neice, Talia, for the first time and she is too precious for words. Russ also used his handyman skills to construct a treehouse (phase I). I'm not sure how mom and dad plan to complete phase II and III without Russ but we'll see...

The whole Brink/Tyner/Kerwin Family

One of dad's cows

Baby Talia...don't you just want to snuggle her!

Sydney loves her Uncle "Ress"
Peyton enjoying the slippy slide

Dwayne, Russ, Mike, David Jr., Dad, Larry and Troy built the best darn treehouse in the world!

Sydney and Grandpa Mom and Lisa young at heart

My two favorite neices

Dwayne and Cole

Austin and Cole-y Bug (note, Cole's Vulcan hand...what a goof)

Ellie, David Jr., Sydney and baby boy Brink (due in September). Still working on my lighting but a good photo of the family I think.

Childhood friends, Trisha and Amy stopped by to see the family and catch up.

This is the best shot of the treehouse I managed to get. Russ and dad finished the ladder after this picture and mom has plans for an expansion already!

Grandpa and Grandma and all the grandbabies...too cute!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Meghan's 30th Birthday!

We've been busy and haven't had a chance to blog and a lot has happened. Most importantly, Meghan Hill turned 30 years old on July 13th! We were excited to share her special day with her. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so these photos with my not-so-hot blackberry will suffice. I love the one of her and Travis smooching because it looks like an antique...ah, they are so in love. Happy Birthday Meg's!
We started her big night out with a couple brewskies at a great little dive bar downtown, La Cita, where Russ met up with us after work. We then made our way over to The Must wine bar a couple blocks away, which is FANTASTIC and delicious. The waitress even brought Meg's a piece of ice cream cake with her very own candle (Russ was having a hard time holding back because he loves ice cream cake). We ended our night close to home at the Weiland Brewery. All in all, a fabulous celebration for a very dear friend.

Two cute love-birds!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Jackson's visit to LA

Another outdated post but one worth noting. My longtime friend, Jackie aka "Jackson", came to LA for a nice long girls weekend. Since she spent a couple of years in Los Angeles, she actually showed us a thing or two. Why had I never heard of Diddy Reese's in Westwood? I mean, $1.50 ice cream sandwiches with warm cookies? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Thanks Jackson!

Jackie and I spent a whole relaxing day at Glen Ivy Spa. Note the red clay dried all over us - - this part of the spa is called "Club Mud". So fun!

Enjoying some sangria at Cobra's and Matadors. Can you say bacon wrapped prawns mmmmm

Such fun! Thanks for coming Jackie, we miss you already!