Saturday, April 21, 2012

Halfway Hooray and Nancy's Bday!

We are halfway through this incredible journey of pregnancy and as cliche as it sounds, I have no idea where the time has gone?!
At a wedding in San Diego
We've been busy working on our house (which has been put into high gear now), trying to enjoy time with family and cherishing these last few months as just "Russ and Ang".  Knowing that we are going to have a child (for the rest of our lives) in a few months can be a little overwhelming, but a challenge we have spent the past 14 years preparing for.  Yes, we have been together for 14 years!

We were lucky to be able to spend time with family both at Easter and the following weekend in San Diego for a wedding.  And who could forget  - -  we managed to squeeze in a special birthday boating trip to celebrate Nancy's fabulous 60th birthday! 

Pouring some bubbly to celebrate Nancy!

Boating for Nancy's 60th Birthday (official bday 4/22)!

I got a little dose of just how soon the baby will be here when calling a hotel to make reservations for a wedding this September.  I told the receptionist to put us in the quietest area because we'll have a baby with us.  Just saying this out loud to a stranger was surreal and she informed me that they don't have cribs so we'll have to bring our own sleeping device.  I know, we are ambitious to plan to attend a wedding less than 4 weeks after our baby is born, but we're gonna do our best because they are very close friends.  We'll see...

I celebrated the halfway point by getting a mani-pedi.  I think Russ would say he celebrated by finding a deal on Craigslist for hardwood floors ;)

For those of you (Piper & mom) who said they can't tell I'm pregnant, I have included proof that mama's getting big!  The past two weeks have been the most dramatic thus far. 

20 Weeks (2 days) Woo Hoo!
Highlights of the past two weeks:
  • Hearing the baby's heartbeat at my 2nd trimester Dr. Appt - click here to hear it (it's on Youtube but there isn't anything to see)
  • Feeling the baby kick for the first time on Sunday, April 15th
  • Russ actually felt the baby in a ball this morning (4/21) on the right side of my uterus

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stealth like a puma = One cool crib

We bought our first piece of baby furniture!  I know, it's a little early but when I see something I want (and am hoping for a Craigslist miracle) I jump.  With all modesty ;) we are what some might call "Craigslist Superstars".  We've purchased most everything we own on CL (Our home for instance, car, most all materials and furniture etc...).  It's a skill one develops over time and I'm proud to say we are gold medalists in finding great deals.  We know we want a modern, hip nursery with clean lines and one that is crisp but inviting.

Initially, I "google imaged" cribs and tried to look at the pictures without knowing price, brand etc...  I immediately knew we wanted the MacLaren Netto Crib but the price tag is a little (a lot) steep for this gal.  Not to mention, Russ would likely throw me out of the second story of our house if I bought it for full price.

So...I did what we usually do when we know what we want.  I stalked Craigslist like a puma (they are very stealth ya know).  I saw one of our coveted cribs posted a couple months ago and called that very day.  Unfortunately, we were too late to the game and some turbo-shopper bought it out from under us (rats).  Not to be discouraged... because when I saw "our" crib posted again a few weeks later, you couldn't stop me (neither could the lady who was apparently coming the next day to buy it).  I swooped in early the next morning and bought that crib.  Nothing can beat the feeling of rolling down Sunset Boulevard in a Volvo wagon with a sweet crib in your backseat - Boom! 

I also managed to secure the adorable linen boxes with our purchase as well.  Winning!
Lesson #1:  Never EVER put off going to see/purchase an item you want on Craigslist - go immediately or someone like us will beat you to the punch.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Bump Patrol

Quite a few of our friends and family have asked me if I'm showing and it seems that the past two weeks have really made the ol' belly look a bit bigger.  I'm not gonna lie though, it is very strange to be working out at the gym and to be surprised by your reflection.  That can't be me, that girl has a big belly!  It's that weird stage of not fully looking pregnant but not looking thin either.

It's fascinating though, and each night I can see a difference (or at least I think I can).  Poor Russ doesn't know if he should say I look pregnant or not ;)  I'm getting big enough though, that there is no squeezing into any pair of old jeans.  My new waistline is now forcing me to tell my agents this week.  I'm sure they'll be thrilled but the auditions will become fewer and fewer.  Hey, maybe I'll get more work as a pregnant actor?!

*We just painted a big chalkboard on our dining room wall so forgive the lack of continuity with the pics.  From here on out though, they'll all be in front of the board.

6 Weeks
15 Weeks

18 Weeks

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Big City Moms - Biggest Baby Shower

You'll notice that I mention my friend, Christina, a fair amount in this blog because she is exactly 50% ahead of me in her pregnancy!  So, if you do the math, she is due in two weeks (when I am officially 20 weeks aka "half way"). 

We both had the chance to attend the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower event at the Skirball Center.  Ladies, it was a lot like a wedding expo but instead of wedding cake, diamonds and flowers, guests were treated to mocktails, strollers, and breast-feeding stations.  It was a lot of fun and we took home a fair amount of free loot.  For all the star-seekers out there, we saw Ali Landry and Jessica Alba.  Jessica has a new line of organic/natural baby care and cleaning products called Honest and I think it's a pretty cool company.
Gettin hammered with these delicious mocktails

I felt a little overwhelmed by the whole thing and while it was nice to see the various products, gadgets and baby food makers that are out there, I do a lot better researching on-line.  Overall though, it was good althoug, I think I would have been even more into it if I would have been further along at the time (12 weeks still felt a little early to really dive into "babyworld, ").

Babies first pacifier and booties
All in all, a really fun night with a great friend (and the free Sprinkles cupcakes weren't too bad either).

Since we don't know if it's a boy/girl, the woman at Honest, gave me both sets of diaper patterns.  Skulls for a boy and ice cream cones for a girl.  Let's be honest though, I'll use them all regardless of gender ;)